Controller Configuration:

Enable SSH:

Playing A Few Games:

RetroPie Case:

WinSCP and SSH Temperature Monitor:

Command to monitor temperature of CPU of Retropie = watch /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp
This command shows a real-time temperature monitor of the CPU that refreshes every 2 seconds.

SSH Terminal Screenshot Process:

The RetroPie operating system for the Raspberry Pi 4 is still being worked on to have all  of the bugs fixed for certain simple keyboard shortcut keys.  One of which was not working on our system was the ability to take simple screenshots for a clear image capture on the RetroPie.  We were able to work around this issue through an SSH connected window on a different computer and running the “raspy2png” command from it after installing the plugin to the RetroPie. After installing the plugin and creating a directory specifically for the screenshots on the RetroPie, it was as simple as navigating to the screen needed on the RetroPie and executing the plugin from the SSH terminal.

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